Ballonexpandierbare Stents


Peripheral balloon expandable PTFE covered stent system


  • ePTFE covered Stent with high flexibility

  • Best in class post-expansion capacity (≥2mm)

  • Enhanced visibility (Unique stent with radiopaque markers)

  • Excellent navigability and easy to implant


  • Over the wire catheter (OTW)

  • Guidewire compatibility: 0.035”

  • Catheter length: 80 and 140 cm

  • Maximum post expansion:
    - Ø 5-8mm≤10mm
    - Ø 9-10mm≤ 12mm

  • 3 radiopaque markers at each stent end

  • Introducer compatibility 6F (up to Ø8mm, L 17mm), 7F

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